If you are a property manager on the Gold Coast, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable professional electrician that you can call for general repairs and in times of an emergency.


At Symons Electrical, we pride ourselves on providing a prompt and professional electrician service for all our clients at a competitive price.


Here’s how we can help property managers:


Installing additional metres to accommodate a new tenant can be a costly and disruptive process. A much less costly alternative is to install interval metering. Interval metres can be added to virtually any existing traditional billing meter. An interval metre can record electricity usage at intervals from as low as 15 minutes but typically every 30 minutes. Because interval metres record a lot of detail about energy consumption they provide an opportunity to set each interval meter at a different electricity different rate for peak and off peak times.


Emergency exit signs and lighting in common areas need to comply with strict safety regulations. We’ll get out to you fast to fix these problems for you.


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Environmental concerns are common with many people looking for ways to reduce their carbon foot print as well as help reduce high electricity prices. We can help you with energy efficiency audits and implement energy saving solutions for your commercial building.


For property managers of any type of commercial or body corporate building, we will diagnose and repair any electrical fault you have. We are also licensed for routine maintenance, testings and tagging and installing safety switches.


Do you want secure switch boards? We can supply Energex locks which will allow both you and Energex access to your meter or switch gear. This will keep unwanted guests out of restricted areas.


Feel free to contact us for one-time work as well as ongoing work and large projects. We are fully insured and hold all relevant Queensland and NSW electrical licences.


Call us for a free no obligation quote for your next electrical job. We charge weekday rates on Saturday which means you won’t be paying extra for the convenience of a Saturday call out. We are commercial electricians and domestic electricians for the Gold Coast. Call us for all electrical work, repairs and emergencies.